How Revealr AI Works

Our Data Stream Tag Syncs

with Global Identifiers

Your Anonymous Website Users are Matched with Identifying Information

Your Anonymous Website Users are Matched with Identifying Information

Revealr AI places its proprietary Data Stream Tag on your website, which fires immediately after a user accepts your consent string or cookie banner.

Unlike other competitors who only analyze the visitors’ IP address against a minimum database, Revealr AI leverages one of the largest big data co-ops in the world.

Our system is able to match and provide dozens of specific attributes on the people who visit your website with consolidated personal identifiers. The results include the most comprehensive contact and info list available on the market.

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Verify an Average of 60% of B2B or B2C Web Users

Most companies see an average of 60% of their web users identified by name with detailed contact information. Whether your company focuses on consumers or business prospects, Revealr AI serves up the data you need to better target and segment your audiences.

Discover Who’s Searching for Your Information

B2C Consumer Audiences

Identify new website visitors who have never purchased from you. Personal attributes include contact name, personal email, and demographic information (gender, age, income, address) for advanced segmentation.

B2B Business Audiences

Identify business information and company attributes like contact name, business email, job title, company name, company revenue and headcount, industry, physical locations, and more.

Repeat Audiences

With this first party data, view historical customers coming back again. Understand user preferences on your site, products, pages, collections and upsell opportunities.

Enrich Your Existing Data

Use Global Data to Increase Your Sales Conversions

Small and large companies can use this goldmine of global data to improve lead conversions. From simple email and advertising retargeting campaigns to advanced data syncing with other marketing channels, your outreach efforts will grow tenfold by using Revealr AI.

Build custom audiences with your first party user data to hyper-target best prospects, either in your own marketing departments, or through an advertising agency.

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With Revealr AI Your Website is Finally Working for You