Improve the ROI on Your Marketing Efforts

Your Anonymous Website Visitors
are Your Best Prospects for Sales

Elevate Your Lead Generation to a Whole New Level

With Revealr AI, you’ll leapfrog way beyond web analytics and cookie retargeting to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers by identifying exactly who they are.

With a detailed customer profile, you can feed your marketing outreach programs with first party, opt-in contacts that deliver your best chance for converting sales.

Integrate this program into your other marketing channels and support sales efforts like never before.

Discover Who’s Searching for Your Information

B2C Consumer Audiences

Identify new website visitors who have never purchased from you. Personal attributes include contact name, personal email, and demographic information (gender, age, income, address) for advanced segmentation.

B2B Business Audiences

Identify business information and company attributes like contact name, business email, job title, company name, company revenue and headcount, industry, physical locations, and more.

Repeat Audiences

With this first party data, view historical customers coming back again. Understand user preferences on your site, products, pages, collections and upsell opportunities.

Marketing Outreach with Segmentation and Precision

Revealr AI works on day one to up-level your marketing programs for an immediate increase in conversions. This is your website’s first party data that feeds a supercharged marketing campaign. When we add the Data Stream Tag, you’ll have contact names within 24 hours.

Any company of any size can use these contacts for general email and updating customer lists. Most e-commerce companies have automated marketing campaigns for retargeting, which can be enhanced by adding web visitors.

Your in-house marketing team or agency can integrate Revealr AI data to vastly improve campaign results. Here are just a few marketing campaign applications.

  • You receive actionable, detailed contact data for immediate outreach
  • Data includes demographics on individuals for segmentation
  • Receive an individual’s web browsing behavior, for customized content messaging
  • Resolve prospects for account-based marketing tactics with B2B attributes
  • Identify visitors from other digital marketing campaigns (Google ads, Social Media, Marketing Automation)
  • Enrich your data by pushing detailed insights back into your CRM or marketing tools
  • Create upsell and cross-sell campaigns to bring back lost customers.
  • Feed data into your digital marketing programs for retargeting and look-alike audiences

Example Campaign Case Study

Campaign Objective:

Company A leveraged Google Ads as the primary driver of traffic to their site, using a number of strategies to target by territory and services. The objective was to grow and further validate their Marketing Qualified Leads.


Using the Revealr AI data, Company A was able to see individuals hit the website from their paid search campaigns. They expanded their marketing efforts by introducing B2B email campaigns to those resolved in the data file. Within one week, they received 5 direct responses interested to know more about the company’s services.

Campaign Comparisons

Results Without Revealr AI Data

Total Form Fill Leads From Campaigns: 9

Cost Per Lead: $201

Total Google Ads Spend: $1,810

Results With Revealr AI Data

Leads from the same time frame: 548

Cost Per Lead: $2.73

Total Spent: $1,500 / month

With Revealr AI Your Website is Finally Working for You